This is a highly personal guide to the restaurants of Haarlem. Be aware that most of the comments have been submitted by two people who don't eat read meat or chicken, which almost certainly influences the perceptions of restaurants. In order to make this guide slightly more reliable new or modified entries are now dated and have the initials of the originator (so that alternative views of the same restaurant can be accomodated).

For a more extensive list of restaurants visit the Haarlem Dinner Site

In 't Goede Uur CheeseKorte Houtstraat 1 023 - 5311174
Small, cosy, but slightly scruffy, restaurant with very short menu: fondue, raclette, cheese boards. The owner has the habit of sitting on your table while chatting away at high speed. Not at all the best fondues but enjoyable.

Quatre Mains Cheese Grote Markt 4 023 - 5424258
Stays open until 1:00 in the morning! Specialises in Fondues but also has some fish and meat dishes. The restaurant is small and attractive, but the food is merely adequate.

Pinang ChineseHoutplein 2 023 - 5315063
Small simple restaurant, with friendly service. The food is basic chinese, dominated by stir-fries with (I suspect) rather too much mono-sodium glutimate. It is quite good value for money though and I quite frequently ring up with a take-away order and call in to pick it up 15 minutes later [ORW: May 2002].

Tai Ping ChineseFrederikspark 2 023 - 5315063
Spacious and attractive restaurant. I have changed my opinion over it in recent years (or maybe it has just got better) and now regard it as the best Chinese restauarnt in Haarlem. They charge accordingly, however. They do an authentic Peking Duck menu, but it needs to be ordered 48 hours in advance [ORW: June 2002]

Babbels DutchLange Veerstraat 23 023 - 5423578
Cheapish restaurant with an eet-cafe style atmosphere. The food is reasonable, but not exciting.

De Bickerij DutchHoutplein 32 023 - 5323478
Very traditional Dutch food: huge portions of meat and fish accompanied by 4 or 5 different vegetables. Of its type it very good, particularly during the game season, but I find the portions a bit daunting.

Pecherie Haarlem aan Zee Fish Oude Groenmarkt 10 023 - 5314884
Fish restaurant in an attractive location by the Grote Kerk. Unfortunately all the fish on the suspiciously large menu tastes like it come out of the freezer. Not recommended.

De Gekroonde Hamer FrenchBreestraat 24 023 - 5312243
Cosy, relatively up-market restaurant with particularly imaginative first course salads. Downstairs the seating is next to the open plan kitchen which I don't like, so I tend to sit upstairs if possible. There is a roof terrace in the good weather.

Haarlemse Heeren FrenchHoutplein 22 023 - 5313214
Small restaurant which used to be very good, but is now let down by rather slow service and inattentive front-of-house. We have had some reasonable meals there recently, but don't go if you are in a hurry [DLR Jan 2004].

Kaneda JapaneseHoutplein 023 -
Tepanyaki style restauarant, but also does reasonable sushi and sashimi. Easily the best Japanese restaurant in Haarlem. Very friendly service. As with most Japanese restaurants it is not cheap [DLR Jan 2004].

Applause Grand CafeGrote markt 23/a 023 - 5311425
Very near the Concertgebouw so a handy place for a quick pre-concert meal.

Gandhi IndianHoutplein 2B 023 - 5322108
Rather cramped restaurant, but the only Indian restaurant in Haarlem which I still visit.

Maharadja of India IndianKleine Houtstraat 31 023 - 5316649
I've only been once. The food tasted as if all the spices had been ground several years ago and they burnt the papads.

Mooi Java IndonesianKruisweg 32 023 - 5323121
Unremarkable restaurant: ambiance and food both adequate but not special.

Flamboyant IndonesianKleine Houtstraat 3 023 - 5421503
Small restaurant which has the best Indonesian food I've eaten, although the selection for non-meat eaters is a bit limited.

Costerlyck InternationalRiviervischmarkt 9 023 - 5344749

De Vroome Poort InternationalNieuw Heiligland 10 023 - 5317285
Death by salt. I had to drink about 2 litres of water during the night after going here and so I haven't been back.

De Componist InternationalKorte Veerstraat 1 023 - 5328853
Located in an old music shop. Large, relatively expensive restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere.

Donatello's ItalianGierstraat 66 023 - 5317581
Very "cheap & cheerful" and always crowded. Good place for a quick meal if you are going to the Schouwburg.

Venezia ItalianVerwulft 7 023 - 5317753

Black Beauty ItalianVerwulft 5 023 - 5326381

Napoli ItalianHoutplein 1-5 023 - 5324419
Very large Italian restauarnt that makes it into the Michelin guide. If all you want is a simple pasta or pizza, then this is a rather expensive option (and I don't find the pizzas very special). If you want a meal for a special occasion though it can be a good option: the Turbot for example is excellant. It was renovated a few years ago and now looks more attractive than previously [ORW: July 2002].

Il Posto ItalianSchagchelstraat 28 023 - 5420512
Has a large selection of anti-pasti which you can select in a wide number of combinations. This is quite fun and the main reason I visit this restaurant. The main courses are acceptable, but the restaurant is normally a bit smokey.

Amigo MexicanKruisweg 72 023 - 5311563
Fairly standard Mexican restaurant. Has a cheap cinema menu on Monday and Tuesday (buy the vouchers at the Brinkmann Cinema when you buy the cinema ticket).

Alfonso's MexicanOude Groenmarkt 8 023 - 5317434
Central location next to St. Bavo's Kerk. Adequate food, but I prefer AMIGO.

La Plume SteakhouseLange Veerstraat 1 023 - 5313202
Always packed with a mainly young clientele. You will probably have to wait for a table. The fish steaks (e.g. Tuna and Swordfish) are large and very good.

Erawan ThaisSchagchelstraat 13 023 - 5342923
Not the most elegant Thai restaurant in the world but an extensive menu of reasonably prepared and reasonably priced (spicy!) dishes, so we eat there quite a lot. Unusually good for vegetarians and fish eaters. The fixed menus give you far too much too eat.

A la Turka TurkishZijlstraat 95 023 - 5341162
Nothing special. I only go there on Mondays and Tuesdays when they have a cheap cinema menu (buy the vouchers at the Brinkmann Cinema when you buy the cinema ticket).